A Simplified Guide to install Shade Structure in Brisbane



Summer is the high time to think about kicking the shade in your back yard. When you are considering the installation of a shade structure, here is what you need to know about it.

There is a variety of shade plans trending in the market. However, to install a shade structure in Brisbane, it is important to select the top shading company, know the cost and installation and have an idea about the function of the shade.

Function and size

The function is usually the first priority to consider. This means you need to decide on the area of shading. In addition, you need to decide on function of shade that can fulfil your requirement. If you are looking to cover a seating area for six people including a small furniture, 8-12 foot dimension of shade is going to be perfect. Alternatively, if you have a plan to simply provide a window system, 2-foot projection will fit the best.

It is also important to think about the height of the shade structure. The higher you locate the cover, the less effective it will be. An additional factor to consider is whether your view will be framed or it will be cut-off by the height, width, and depth of the shade structure you are going to install.

Cost of the shade

You may love an architectural sail type canopy, but these constructions are typically expensive. The cost of shade may include a shade structure, support materials like poles and stanchions set, and hiring an installer. So explore the market to get the budgeted shade structure.


You must be having the idea about the environment you live. Choose the right metal and get a durable shade.

Decide on shading company

There are many companies like Shade and Membrane Structures offering shade structure in Brisbane. Be wise and select the right company for the shade installation.

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